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Just email us at or simply stop by one of our 4 huge locations and speak to one of our interior designers.


Once your tastes, requirements, and budget have been established, an appointment for the designer to visit your home will be scheduled. During the home visit, your space will be measured, photographed, and/or inspected for important architectural and stylistic features. The process should take no longer than an hour and then a second appointment will be scheduled to take place in our showroom where the designer will present you his/her professional ideas. The design plan may include custom orders or better yet, furniture items chosen from our over 30,000 square foot showrooms. There is no obligation to purchase anything, and changes to the plan will be made at your request.


A $150 deposit will be required prior to our designers visit.  In the likely event that you end up purchasing ANYTHING from Arrow Furniture your $150 will be allocated to your order.  Alternatively if we are only able to give you our professional advice the $150 will cover the expense for us to visit your home and give you our professional expertise.  Purchases must be made within 14 days of our visit.


Arrow Furniture has been furnishing homes in the GTA for over 50 years.  We now look forward to meeting you in YOUR home so we can bring our designer expertise to you and again, exceed all expectations.


The Arrow Design Team