Beautiful white desk that is perfect furniture piece for a small apartment.

3 Furniture Pieces for Small Apartments & Condos

On top of everything else that’s gone topsy-turvy since the Coronavirus quarantine, if you were in the market for a new place to live, you’re probably more confused than ever.   If you were looking to buy a condo in Toronto and the GTA, your income may have been affected, or you wondered how the lockdown …

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How to build your home décor like an interior design magazine

How to Make Your Home Look & Feel Like What You Envision

Why does it always seem like the way we envision our home’s decor is always just a little bit beyond what we have, or what we’re willing to spend? Wouldn’t it be great to have an interior décor like what you see in magazines and online? Well, it’s time to build your own home décor. …

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Are you always looking for ways to make your space appear larger? Here are some tips on how to make a room look larger for small condos or even big houses!

3 Ways To Make a Room Look Larger

Whether you live in a small downtown condo or a large suburban home, you want to have as much space as possible. Of course, adding more space can be an expensive proposition.  If you wish you had more space, but you’ve run out of room, the next best thing is to make your room look …

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Are you looking for furniture ideas to make your room more accessible and easy to navigate through? Here are 3 Furniture Pieces that Combine Form & Function

3 Furniture Pieces that Combine Form & Function

Spending a lot of time at home recently? While you might be going a little stir crazy, the time you’re spending at home during the COVID pandemic is a great opportunity to rethink your home’s décor. There’s no better time to research those useful furniture pieces that combine form and function to make life easier. …

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Here are 3 Reasons Why You Need to Deep Declutter Your Living Room

Now’s a Great Time to Deep Declutter Your Living Room

It can cause stress and anxiety. It can make your living room seem untidy even after you’ve tidied up. And you probably don’t need much of it anyway. We’re talking about clutter and getting rid of it is probably the best way to update your living room’s décor for little or no cost. It’s time …

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Use Design Psychology to Redecorate Your Bedroom

Use Design Psychology to Redecorate Your Bedroom

By now, you’ve probably spent more time at home than ever before. And you may be dealing with serious and unexpected issues surrounding your health, work and uncertainty about the future. If you need some help in navigating these rough times, a restful sleep can do as much good as just about anything. In fact, …

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4 Ideas for a Home Décor Refresh

4 Ideas for a Home Décor Refresh

You’re stuck in the house. At first, it’s not so bad. You can get some cleaning done. Look through old photos. Get acquainted with each other again! But sooner or later, no matter how many things you have to occupy your time, or how many walks you take, you’ll need a change of scenery. If …

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How to Save Money When Refurnishing

It would be nice if, every few years, you could just say “out with the old, in with the new” and refurnish your living room, bedroom or family room by simply changing everything in them and getting all new stuff. OK, back to reality.  Us mere mortals have budgets. But we still want our décor …

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Top 5 Pieces of Furniture for Home Offices

Working from home has lots of advantages. For employers, studies show that personal productivity increases due to a reduction in break time, office distractions and sick days. For employees, it’s a more comfortable work environment, allows for more flexibility in work hours and, maybe best of all, there’s no commute! For both employers and their …

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Pillow Talk: How to Arrange Pillows on a Sofa

As springtime rolls around, change is in the air. But, there can be a downside to all the great transformations going on around you. While spring brings new blooms, longer days and more sunshine, your living room is going to look the same. The same as it was all winter, and last year too. Of …

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furniture and décor ideas for small spaces

3 Unconventional Furniture and Décor Ideas for Small Spaces

We’ve given you lots of décor and furniture ideas for small spaces before. But, as house prices continue to go up in Toronto, we thought you might like a few more.  This time, we thought we’d give it a little twist. The ideas we’ve offered in the past, like thinking “vertically”, and using multi-function furniture, …

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Pro Cleaning Hacks for a Cleaner Home

Try These Pro Cleaning Hacks for a Cleaner Home

The problem with keeping your house clean is, even if you’re a stickler for cleanliness, your home can always be cleaner.  It’s easy enough to use a regular schedule of cleaning to generally keep your home looking and smelling fresh. But there can be some places that are tough to clean, hard to reach, or …

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4 DIY Interior Decorating Ideas to Beat the Winter Blahs

4 DIY Interior Decorating Ideas to Beat the Winter Blahs

Even if you like winter, you probably still get the mid-winter blahs when it seems like the sun doesn’t shine as brightly, you haven’t felt entirely warm for weeks and, well, you think you might be going a little stir crazy. Fear not. If the winter blues are getting you down, tell them to hit …

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3 Pet Friendly Upholstery Fabrics

3 Pet Friendly Upholstery Fabrics for Home Furniture

With winter in full swing, you may be starting to get a little cabin fever, especially if you have pets. Even if you walk your dog regularly in all kinds of weather, you’re still spending more time indoors now than you would in the middle of summer. That means your furniture, area rugs, floors, etc., …

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Home Décor Trends

Home Décor Trends for 2020

It’s our favourite time of year! And not for the usual reasons of making merry and getting into the spirit of giving. As every New Year dawns, we love checking out the home decorating websites and journals to see what everyone predicts the décor trends will be for the New Year. Here are just a …

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Last-Minute Christmas Decorating

Last-Minute Christmas Decorating Ideas

We all have at least one in our lives. People whose homes are perfectly decorated for Christmas at least a month before the holidays. Not that it’s a competition or anything (right?!), but, if you’re planning to host a gathering over the holidays, you want your place to look its best too. Just in case …

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here's How to Match a Sofa to Your Room Décor

How to Match a Sofa to Your Room Décor

It’s probably the biggest piece of furniture in your living room or family room. As such, your sofa has a huge impact on the overall look and feel of the space. Unfortunately, if you don’t properly match a new sofa to your room’s décor, the whole room might never feel just right. 3 ways to …

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home decor trends that are out of style

Home Furniture & Décor Trends that are So Over

Whether you’re a boomer who’s downsizing, or you’re just investing in your first home, you’ll remember some home furniture and décor trends that are no longer with us. It could be the shag carpets of the 1970s, wallpaper borders in the 1980s or torchiere lamps in the 1990s. What once seemed like fresh and exciting …

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Want to learn how to add functionality to your console table? Check out these tips

How to Make Your Console Table More than Just a Console Table

If your home doesn’t have one, console tables are stylish places to display accessories, add storage space to a room, or give your foyer a spot for keys and anything else you need when you head out or return home.  But, despite that long list of benefits and uses, a console table can do even …

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here's 6 Tips For Decorating A Small Condo Apartment

6 Tips For Decorating A Small Condo Apartment

How to Decorate a Small Condo Apartment Choose the Right Furniture Style – Some styles are bulkier than others. If you can, go for mid-century modern over traditional. Leave “Breathing Space” Between Pieces of Furniture – It’s tempting to slide the bookshelf right up against the sofa to gain a few inches. But, the cluttered …

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low cost furniture

How Low-Cost Furniture Can Be the Most Expensive

Sometimes the prices seem unbelievable. How can they offer a full suite of bedroom furniture for such a low cost? While looking for a good quality bedroom set, dining table or living room furniture on sale or clearance is a smart way to shop, buying the lowest cost furniture may not be so wise. A …

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learn how to Declutter a room with these suggestions.

3 Furniture Ideas to Help You Declutter a Room

Do you declutter your living room and/or bedroom regularly? Do they feel clutter-free afterwards? If they don’t, it’s not necessarily because you didn’t do a good job. To properly declutter a room takes more than just clearing away the ipads, magazines and remote controls from the coffee table. In fact, the living room, family room …

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Here are some tips you should follow if you are considering painting your bedroom

Consider These 4 Bedroom Wall Paint Ideas

You spend at least a third of your life in your bedroom. And considering the benefits of getting a good rest, you better choose the right master bedroom furniture and color pallette for the right ambience. The furniture is easy, but how do you choose the perfect color of paint?  Fortunately for you, we’ve put …

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Save money when refurnishing your living room

3 Steps to Save Money When Refurnishing Your Living Room

Sometimes your living room furniture is begging for an update, but your bank account isn’t ready for a complete makeover. Still, by taking the three-step approach below, you can save money when refurnishing your living room and updating its look and feel. The Three-Step Approach to Refurnishing Your Living Room There are many ways to …

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how to properly clean leather furniture

How to Clean Leather Furniture When it Gets Sticky

No one buys leather furniture for just any reason. It’s usually a very deliberate purchase made by someone who wants to enjoy leather’s rich feel and how it influences a room’s décor. All of which makes it even more distressing when one day they sit on their leather couch and realize that it’s all sticky. …

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home organization for closet space

3 Furniture Options for Better Home Organization

First, you thought if you got a bigger house or condo, home organization would be a snap. All you needed was more storage. Then, when you got there, while things went nicely for a while, they soon started to look like they did in the smaller space. Here’s the bottom-line, unless you live in a …

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Wooden space saving coffee tables

4 Space-Saving Coffee Tables

It seems like no matter how big your living room or family room is, you’re always looking for places to store things and keep the room organized. At the other end of the spectrum, if you’re in a downtown condo, “spacing-saving” is the operative term in any living room furniture you buy. With that in …

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having an open living room ensures that you don't make these living room furniture layout mistakes! click more to find what else.

Don’t Make These Living Room Furniture Layout Mistakes

If there are two guiding principles that lead to a well-laid out living room, they are: have a focal point, like a coffee table, and create a balance among all the pieces of furniture and accessories. With that in mind, check out the following mistakes to avoid. Going With Form Over Function – Maybe you …

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Arrow Furniture goes through the details that define what makes a modern living room modern

What Makes a Modern Living Room Modern?

No discussion about modern living rooms can take place before first understanding exactly what “modern” means in terms of interior décor and living room furniture. In everyday language, “modern” means “of or relating to present and recent time” ( In interior design and home furnishings, “modern” is actually a design style that may not include …

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Small kids bedroom ideas from Arrow Furniture

4 Small Kids Bedroom Ideas They’ll Love

It can be more difficult to come up with small kids’ bedroom ideas than you think. First, children’s bedrooms are generally smaller than adult bedrooms leaving you with less space to work with. Second, while you want to have age-appropriate bedroom furniture, you don’t want to replace it in a couple of years. Third, you …

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Eclectic Living Room Ideas & Thoughts

Just what is an “eclectic” living room design? It can be a difficult question to answer for many reasons. First, the meaning of the word “eclectic” is often misunderstood. Ask most people and they might say it means “different” and/or “weird”, but in a good way. eclectic [ih-klek-tik]adjective selecting or choosing from various sources. made …

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Arrow Furniture presents these bedroom furniture ideas for small rooms

4 Bedroom Furniture Ideas For Small Rooms

The good news about life in Toronto is that it’s a great place to live. The bad news is that everyone knows it and wants to live here. If you’re redecorating your bedroom, it means you need to come up with furniture ideas for small rooms. It might sound easy, but, considering that bedrooms are …

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Here is how to clean white leather couch in today's blog post by Arrow Furniture

How To Clean a White Leather Couch

OMG! OMG! OMG! You just noticed an ink stain on your white leather couch. Who knows how long it’s been there? Who knows how much it will cost to get out? OMG!! First, take a deep breath. Second, if you learn how to clean a white leather couch, you may be able to avoid costly …

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Arrow furniture shares their tips in today's article on making your home office decor work

How to Make Your Home Office Decor Work

Regularly working from home isn’t the exception it once was. But having a dedicated workspace remains as rare as ever. For many, the dining table continues to be the home office of choice. But you’ll improve your productivity, and free-up your dining table for things like eating dinner, by creating a dedicated office space and …

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Tips from Arrow Furniture on decorating an apartment

4 Apartment Decorating Ideas

You love decorating and furnishing a home. But you’ve just moved into an apartment and the smaller space is a real challenge; unless you use some or all of the following apartment decorating ideas. Tips for Decorating an Apartment Decorating small spaces can be just as complicated and rewarding as decorating a house. With the …

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Here is how to improve your home decor with plants, and other tips from Arrow Furniture

How to Improve Your Home Decor With Plants

We all have an inner interior designer who wants to give our homes a uniquely personal, stylish and unexpected touch. But that can be a real challenge. It’s one thing if you could afford to get all new living room or bedroom furniture to makeover the house. Fortunately for your bank account, you can make …

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Here are some home decor ideas for your living room to look out for | Arrow Furniture

6 Inspiring Home Decor Ideas for the Living Room

Whether you use your living room every day, or just when you have guests, it is a focal point for the décor of your entire home. That means, if you feel the house can use decor update, you may be able to do the trick with some living room design changes.  Below, we’ve assembled some …

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Decor trends in 2019 according to Arrow Furniture

4 Home Decor Trends for 2019

We love the end of the year for more than just enjoying the holiday season. Each year-end brings with it all the great predictions for home decor trends and 2019 is almost here! 2019 Interior Design Trends We’ve studied trends from a variety of sources. If nothing else, the new year will bring a wider …

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Do you have a house full of gamers? Read about how to furnish your family room for them in today's post from Arrow Furniture

What About Furnishing Your Family Room for the Gamers in Your Home?

The family room might be one of the most aptly named rooms in the house. You don’t actually ‘live’ in the living room. And the dining room is as much a place for homework and hobbies as it is for ‘dining’. But your family room is undeniably where your family spends time together – even …

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Here are three tips on how to furnish and decorate a small space from Arrow Furniture

How to Furnish & Decorate a Small Space

Considering the hot market for apartments and condos in Toronto, the real problem is finding one that’s available. Nevertheless, if you’re lucky enough to find an apartment or condo that’s to your liking, and fits your budget, you’ll have one problem. How to decorate and furnish a small space. There are many well-known small-space decorating …

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Area rug trends to look out for in 2019 | Arrow Furniture

4 Area Rug Trends for 2019

First, the fact that area rugs are ‘trending’ for 2019 reveals yet another trend in home décor. At least for the foreseeable future, plush, wall-to-wall carpets are out. But the demise of wall-to-wall carpets is not the reason for the rise in popularity of area rugs. Homeowners increasing look to add more character to their …

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Plant home decor | Arrow Furniture

How to Enjoy All the Benefits of Plants in Your Home Décor

It’s no secret that house plants can complement the décor of any room in your home. Most people have at least a few plants around the house to add a bit of greenery, and bring a little of the great outdoors into the house. But plants offer many other benefits too. They help keep the …

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What to spend your furniture budget on | Arrow Furniture

Moving In Together? How to Get the Most From Your Furniture Budget

Whether it’s with your relationship partner, BFF or a roommate you found online, moving in together takes a lot of planning. You need to find a mutually agreeable location, get first and last together, and make sure you have some furniture for the space. You might be lucky and have enough connections to throw together …

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4 Tips to Quickly Update Your Living Room Décor

If you went out and bought all new furniture, window coverings, wall hangings, lighting, cabinets, and so on, every time you wished your living room décor was more up-to-date, you’d probably have to sell the house to afford it all anyway. Especially when we buy high-quality living room furniture and accessories, we can often get …

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How to furnish a new home | Arrow Furniture

How to Furnish a New Home

Whether the home you bought is new or a resale, its new to you. Moving into a new home is a new beginning. Just like anything else you do, when you start something new, you don’t want to start it with something old. Including the furnishings for your new home. But deciding to get new …

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Tips on how to use area rugs | Arrow Furniture

7 Tips to Tap the Full Power of Area Rugs

If you’ve never thought of area rugs as having ‘power’ that’s OK. We didn’t either until we started thinking about writing this post. But when we did, we realized that area rugs might be one of the most versatile home furniture accessories there is. And that’s where they get their power. You can use area …

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Quick home decore ideas for your home | Arrow Furniture

Quick Home Decor Ideas That are Inexpensive & Easy

It would be nice to re-furnish and decorate your entire home everytime you wanted to freshen up the decor. But that can be a bit of a burden on your wallet. Not to mention coming up with home décor ideas, finding all the right pieces and then putting them all together. Fortunately, there are lots …

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What are the basics of feng shui | Arrow Furniture

6 Basics of Feng Shui for Furnishing Your Home

Even learning the basics of feng shui for furnishing your home can be difficult. Is there anything ‘basic’ about one of the Five Arts of Chinese Metaphysics, observing things as they relate to formulas and calculations, and that refers to architecture in terms of ‘invisible forces’ that connect the universe, earth and humans together. (Wikipedia) …

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How to furnish your home in order to minimize clutter | Arrow Furniture

How to Furnish Your Home to Minimize Clutter

When you think of how to furnish your home, style and comfort are often the first things that come to mind. Of course, that makes perfect sense. We all want home furnishings that look great and make us feel, well, at home. But even the trendiest designs and comfiest furniture look neither trendy or cozy …

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How to identify great interior design | Arrow Furniture

The Unmistakable Signs of Great Interior Design

Great interior design for your home doesn’t come from having stylish furniture. It doesn’t come from using all the right colour combinations or even having spacious rooms. To put it another way, you can have a well-designed interior space without any of those things. 5 Basics of Great Interior Design 1. Balance Above all else, …

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Ways to use area rugs in your home | Arrow Furniture

5 Ways to Use Area Rugs

Area rugs are one of the most versatile floor coverings ever. Usually used to give something soft underfoot while allowing the beautiful flooring underneath to appear around the edges, area rugs can do so much more for a room. 1. Hide Imperfections in Your Floor Wide open hardwood floors are stunning. Unless they’ve suffered a …

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Make a statement with you dining room décor | Arrow Furniture

How to Make a Statement with Your Dining Room Décor

Pity your poor dining room. Every so often, it gets a makeover with a new dining set and maybe some paint and accessories. But in between, with most family meals enjoyed at the kitchen table, your dining room décor can get overlooked. It’s unfortunate because if you paid more attention to your dining room décor …

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How to make your home decor look more upscale | Arrow Furniture

Make Your Home Décor More Upscale For Less

Most people are very particular about their home décor. We either want it to be a reflection of our eclectic personalities, or to simply be as stylish as possible or perhaps to show off the latest trends. Unfortunately for some of us, getting the home décor we want maybe a little outside our budget. If …

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Ways to protect your wooden living room furniture

How to Protect Your Wooden Living Room Furniture

It might not make sense for a company that sells furniture to tell you how to protect your living room furniture so that it lasts longer. But we also don’t like see good furniture age prematurely when, with just a little TLC, it can stay beautiful and useful for many more years. Even if you …

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Decorating ideas for the living room | Arrow Furniture

5 Decorating Ideas for The Living Room

If you have any sort of design eye for interior decor, you won’t want a living room that looks like the rest. If there is a decor trend today, it is that with the right balance you can make anything work. You can mix textures, materials, and colours in ways that no one would have …

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Should you use an ottoman coffee table in your home | Arrow Furniture

Is the Ottoman Coffee Table Hybrid Right for You?

Hot on the heels of our last blog post, 4 Things to Consider When Choosing an Occasional Table, we realized that there was one option we didn’t include, the ottoman-coffee table hybrid. On their own, ottomans and coffee or occasional tables offer lots of options for your home furnishings. But put them together and they …

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What to consider when choosing an occasional able | Arrow Furniture

4 Things to Consider When Choosing an Occasional Table

We bet you never thought there would be that many things to consider when you’re thinking of getting a new coffee, or occasional table. And we’re not even going to talk about the style or design because that’s up to your tastes and décor. If for no other reason, making the right choice of occasional …

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Dining room | Arrow furniture

How to make Your Dining Room Formal & Casual

If only you had a magic decorating genie you could call on whenever it came time to make decisions on how to refurnish a room. One of the problems that makes refurnishing so difficult is that we have so much choice. But that problem is also an opportunity. If you’re redecorating and refurnishing your dining …

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Furniture and decor ideas for the master bedroom | Arrow Furniture

5 Furniture & Decor Ideas for The Master Bedroom

Which room in your home do you spend the most time in? If you’re a great cook, you might say the kitchen. If you have a home office, that might be where you’d guess you spent the most time. But, regardless of your culinary talents and work habits, you spend most of your time in …

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How to work with a transitional furniture style | Arrow Furniture

What is A Transitional Furniture Style

You are an interior designer. Whether you own or rent, whether you live in a house, condo or apartment, at some point have to decide on the furnishing and layout of your living space, and that means interior design. While your personal tastes and style preferences will decide how you furnish and decorate your home, …

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What are the best interior design trends for 2018 | Arrow Furniture

3 of the Best Interior Design Trends for 2018

It’s a fun time of year for lots of reasons. For those of us in the furniture business, it’s when we get to see all the new designs and trends for 2018. But, as much fun as it is, it’s tough to visit every studio or even website to see all the new décor trends. …

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Tips on Holiday decorating by Arrow Furniture

5 Easy Holiday Decorating Tips

Decorating your home or office for the holidays is always fun. In addition to the anticipation of the upcoming seasonal celebrations, you’ll probably have some new decorations, some old favourites and a few ideas for displaying everything a little differently this year. Here are just a few of our favourite tips for your holiday decorating …

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Living room cozy | Arrow Furniture

How to Make Your Living Room Cozy this Winter

Right about now, there’s a bear somewhere heading into hibernation for the winter. And you don’t have to worry about getting sprayed by a skunk in winter because, well, they’re hibernating too, along with lots of other animals. If you’re like most people when the days get shorter and the temperatures get cooler, you go …

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Unique furniture designs off of Instagram | Arrow Furniture

3 Unique Furniture Designs from Our Instagram

One of the beauties of living with the internet. Social media and easy access to them all from the palm of your hand. It gives us so many new ways to find new furniture and interior design ideas. In fact, anyone who surfs Pinterest or Instagram checking hundreds of images in a very short time …

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How to make and interior design project less stressful | Arrow Furniture

How to Make An Interior Design Project Less Stressful

While redecorating their House might not be on anyone’s list of the most stressful things in life, that doesn’t mean it can’t be agonizing. Even if you don’t have a partner, whose design sense seems to be completely opposite to yours, just deciding for yourself, about so many different things, in the face of so …

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How to go about furnishing bachelor apartments | Arrow Furniture

3 Tips for Furnishing Bachelor Apartments

If you think the real estate news in Toronto and the GTA has been all doom and gloom recently, think again. While numbers of housing units sold have gone down significantly. The evidence is that prices have remained stable or continued to rise. And if you want any confirmation of the still incredible leaps and …

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How to fill up home decor | Arrow Furniture

3 Tips that Help Fill up Home Decor

Walls are great. They keep the roof up over our heads. But sometimes they can be a real pain. Like when you’re trying to redecorate your living room and you have a blank space, whether it’s an entire wall or just a section, that you just don’t know what to do with. The problem goes …

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Top home decor ideas for fall 2017 | Arrow Furniture

The Top Home Decor Ideas for Fall 2017

Sure, we know, Labour Day is barely over and we’re talking about home décor for fall. But if you want to decorate or redecorate your home with some fresh new ideas in time for the leaves turning. There’s no time like right now to start doing your research. If you’re active on social media, you’ll …

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How to furnish an off-campus student room | Arrow Furniture

4 Tips to Furnish an Off-Campus Student Room

If you’re heading back to uni this fall for your second year or later, there’s probably a furniture move in your near future. Getting out of tiny res rooms is a welcome relief – and you’ll have the entire bedroom to yourself! Whether you’re in a shared-accommodation house or you managed to get your own …

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How to furnish a home if you are against cleaning | Arrow Furniture

Here’s How to Furnish A Home if You Hate Cleaning

First, we think lots of people will read this post because, well, who really does like housecleaning? Even if you find it relaxing or you just like a clean home, you’d probably still rather spend your time doing something else. That said, if you’re definitely on the ‘just can’t stand it’ side of the housecleaning …

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What to do when redecorating the living room | Arrow Furniture

4 Tips for Redecorating The Living Room

How much time would you save whenever you redecorated your home if you had an interior designer who would tell you just what to do to get the look and atmosphere you want? More than actually doing the redecorating, deciding on what to do can be the biggest hurdle you need to jump. Not surprisingly, …

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Ideas for decorating a blank wall in your home | Arrow Furniture

3 Ideas for Decorating A Blank Wall in Your Home

Most homes have one. Unless you’re an interior decorator trained in bringing together every corner of a space, you’ll probably have at least one wall, or section of a wall, that you’ve never been able to fit into the rest of your design. It’s like the ‘black hole’ of your décor. You may have tried …

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Furnishing a small room to make it look bigger

How to Furnish a Small Room to Make if Feel Bigger

In our last blog post we talked about the problems of furnishing a big room. But the opposite can be just as difficult. If you live in a condo, townhouse or older home, smaller rooms might be all you have to deal with. There’s nothing wrong with small rooms unless they start to feel too …

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Summer decor ideas

7 Home Décor Ideas for Summer

We Torontonians can be a fickle bunch. We spend the entire winter complaining about the weather and how the snow and ice messes up the house. Then, at the first sign of nice weather, we head to the cottage, go on road trips, or backpack through Europe for the entire summer. But, for those of …

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How to furnish and decorate a large room

Tips for Furnishing and Decorating a Big Room

If you’re lucky enough to have a large living room, dining room or bedroom, you know it’s not without its own decorating and furnishing problems. While trying to fit large furniture into small rooms can be frustrating, not having enough furniture or having an ‘empty’ feeling in a room can be equally as problematic. The …

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Styling your coffee table

3 Tips for Styling Your Coffee Table

Think of your living room or family room without any occasional tables, like your coffee table and end tables. It’s a stark vision, isn’t it? Not only do occasional tables and an interesting style element and balance to the room, but they also offer the practical functionality of having a place to put things. The …

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Bright and personalized house

How to Make a House a Home

Whether it’s a house, or a condo, or a walk-up, it’s your new home. But, still, moving into a new place doesn’t usually feel like moving ‘home’. Even if you’ve taken steps before moving in, like painting and/or buying new furniture, to make the place feels more like yours, somehow none of it seems to …

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Home decor trends

Discover Your Own Home Design Trends

Whether or not you’re a social media darling, or you hate the whole idea of it, there’s simply no denying the emergence of some social sites as a source of visual inspiration for all kinds of design, and especially home décor. If you’re in need of some ideas, or just a starting point to develop …

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How to choose the right sofa

How to Successfully Select a Sofa

It seems simple enough. Find something you like and buy it. But when it comes to choosing the right sofa, there’s a bit more riding on your choice. Primarily, it’ll probably be the largest piece of furniture in your living room. That means its colour, upholstery and design will have a huge effect on your …

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Large interior rug

5 Tips for a More Refined Decor Without ‘Re-Defining’ Your Budget

Like architectural voyeurs, many homeowners love to leaf through magazines and website just looking at all the beautiful home and interiors. They look so nice, comfortable, and, somehow, very elegant. It’s a combination that most people assume is far too expensive for them. After all, it must take a stable of interior designers and the …

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Dark interior decorating

How to Furnish for a Dark Decor

After years of being relegated as a trim and accent colour, it looks like darker wall colours, including straight black, are the latest trend in home décor. The evidence is all over the internet, including on Pinterest, which has quickly become the ‘go to’ online destination for home design ideas. Top paint manufacturers, after years …

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Interior designer vs. interior decorator

Interior Designer and Interior Decorator – What’s the Difference?

Have you ever struggled to decide on the right look for your home? Or you had an idea for the décor of a room, but when you finally put everything into place, it didn’t quite turn out the way you imagined? Almost every homeowner who has done any of their own décor has thought at …

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Benefits of an indoor bench

The Benefits of Bench Seating in the Dining Room

When it’s time to furnish the dining room, most of us turn straight to the idea of a table surrounded by individual chairs. And why not? It’s been the standard dining configuration for thousands of years and it offers the most versatility in style, including elegant, traditional and modern. But there’s an option for your …

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Boldly coloured furniture

4 Interior Decorating Trends to Look for in 2017

Halloween is over and you know what comes next. The year-end holiday season is always a busy time of meeting with friends, office parties and family gatherings. It all leaves little time for you to be too concerned with your home furnishings and décor. But you also know what happens in January, when the long, …

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